Mushroom on Parade:

These paintings represent a celebratory body of work honoring the mushroom.
My fascination with fungi began when I stumbled upon a very large  exquisite golden cluster of mushrooms close to my studio on Coosaw Island. I really had never seen anything like this before. This experience opened up a whole new world for me as I began exploring the fields and woods looking for more. Fascinated by their beauty and magical presence they became the source of inspiration for a new body of work and I began to paint my vision of them. While reading more and more about them I realized that not only were they beautiful, but incredibly significant to mankind. Theirs was a kingdom so diverse and magnificent that I was in awe. I felt humbled by their communal nature and wonderful spirit, all working together towards a common goal, to benefit man and the planet.
I have learned a lot and am learning more. I tread softly now.

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