Exhibition info:

Exhibition Information:

The body of oil paintings consists of forty-plus figurative works on linen/canvas of varying sizes (15″ x 15″ to 42″ x 60″ approximate average size) depicting women in burqas symbolizing women and girls worldwide, each representing a different narrative.
The installation will consist of multiple screens (42″ approximate average size). Each screen will show SEEWALL created films with one central screen that will connect them all.

Educational elements:
Through education, one acquires knowledge, and through understanding, one receives power. The beginning of this process is to bring about awareness, in this case, of social concerns that are often avoided or not spoken about because of their disturbing nature. Through the interplay of bold yet static images and the moving images of the matrix screens, viewers will be enticed to explore further, understand the issues, and go forward towards a reasonable and just solution to these problems.
Using art as a social statement to explore sensitive social issues in a provocative but non-violent way or a non-offense way. To raise awareness of the matters at hand and express feelings about social concerns within our world that are often avoided or not spoken.  Because of their disturbing nature, they make a powerful impact and use thought-provoking imagery and potent symbols to address or express controversial or pressing social issues.
Art has the power to manifest or to reveal one’s deepest feelings and emotions. Pressing social issues with sincere expression from the heart and raising awareness and educating with caution and respect. The power of art is to inspire social and cultural changes and to evoke a reaction from viewers that can encourage a dialogue for possible solutions to pressing and painfully issues
An educational hand-out will be available during the exhibition.
Artist is available for workshops, classes, or lectures.

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